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Mary Sue Digital, LLC

E-book production, marketing and editing services for busy writers

Mary Sue: an idealized fictional character that often functions as a wish-fulfilment fantasy for the author or reader.

So why did I name my fake ebook business after one of the most derided stock characters in genre fiction and fandom?

For one thing, I was inspired by what The Mary Sue did when they appropriated this anti-feminist cliche and used it as a mascot for feminist geek culture.  Since my fake business caters mainly to romance–a genre that’s often misunderstood as being anti-feminist–I liked the idea of making an ironic reference and invoking a character that many romance writers would be familiar with.

For another thing, Mary Sues make inherently great service professionals, right?  They’re good at everything, can solve any problem and climb any mountain.  If I was an author wanting to self-publish an extensive backlist, I would rather have Mary Sue scanning, converting and formatting my books than, say, Manipulative Bastard.  Even though I’m not a Mary Sue, the name implies that I can execute these tasks flawlessly so my fake clients can get on with their writing.

And finally there’s the wish-fulfilment aspect of it.  In addition to allowing traditionally published authors to digitize their out-of-print backlists, e-publishing has opened up new worlds for writers who have always longed to see themselves in print but were waiting for the perfect opportunity.  This is that opportunity!  I can’t wait for Mary Sue Digital to make my fake clients’ publishing dreams a reality.


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