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I was utterly fascinated by this story about a group of German artists who programmed a series of bots to “write” books and then self-publish them on Amazon. In their own words:

The results are self-published, human-readable ebooks in form of classical dramas ready to be sold and enjoyed by a multitude of global readers, defining a new generative genre of digital literature: the ‘slang of YouTube’ – a digital Esperanto that emerged out of millions of users worldwide.

Whoa. There are so many different ideas in that single sentence and in their press release as a whole–ideas about consumption, authorship, literature, user-generated content, publishing, reading/readability–that my mind is boggled. Overall, it’s a hilarious, hilarious comment on self-publishing and a not-so-hilarious comment on corporate exploitation of social media users to develop content. Fascinating.


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