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Okay, this is admittedly tangental to my blog topic (as are most of my posts…), but I just have to wonder, Carrie Bradshaw style… what’s with the media misconceptions about sex in romance novels? Romance novels are a 1.4 billion dollar industry, which means that a whole sh*t ton of women (and even a few men) are reading them. And yet I still hear the following two phrases uttered with some frequency whenever people in the media discuss the romance genre: (1) “Romance novels are smut/porn/bodice-rippers.” (2) “Romance novels don’t have any sex in them.”

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I’m firmly in the digital camp (well, actually I have my feet in both camps… is that even allowed?) but I still enjoyed this short, beautiful video which follows several Toronto booksellers and printers as they navigate the muddy, swirly waters of the digital age. In the words of the film’s creator:

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I really enjoyed this opinion piece about the future of the book review because it acknowledges the realities of the changing landscape, realities that critics at the major newspapers seem content to ignore. For readers like me, reviews are a way to narrow the field. There are simply too many books out there for me to rely on the opinions of critics who praise every book they review out of some kind of outmoded ethical obligation to… well, I’m not really sure what.

Unfortunately, the increase in negative criticism is creating a gulf between readers (who thanks to Amazon and Goodreads, are now reviewers) and the writers whose books they read and comment on.

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File:Firefox Multiple mines.pngHow did people procrastinate in the days before high-speed internet?  I’ve been thinking about time-wasting techniques this afternoon because I just discovered yet another pleasurable time-suck: houzz.  Houzz is a home design website that lets you browse half a million photographs, create  albums of ideas, and share images through social media.  It’s a terrible, terrible idea!  

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