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I was utterly fascinated by this story about a group of German artists who programmed a series of bots to “write” books and then self-publish them on Amazon. In their own words:

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There’s an interesting discussion going on over at Dear Author about whether this is a good idea.  I’ve seen the news on a few different blogs this morning and the comments seem to be almost universally negative.  Words like “violation,” “blasphemy,” “laziness,” and “disgraceful” have been used to describe the idea of adding sex scenes to classic literature.

I guess I’ve been outvoted but I think things like this are okay.  Unfortunately, they’re never executed very well, but that’s a whole other issue (check out the excerpt from the BDSM version of Jane Eyre here).  The point is that there is no law preventing it from happening, and that’s really, really important.  I hope there never will be.

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